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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Sacred Oath By Harrowed

Brought back from the brink of the void, dancing somewhere in the middle of life and death, those that swear the Oath of Death have cast away their former life, their undeathly purpose now to follow their dark master’s orders and crush light where it still shines. These paladins, often called death knights or dark souls, are undead champions who carry sickly green blades and ride horrific undead beasts. Only risen for in life they committed truly monstrous and evil deeds, most paladins who swear the Oath of Death spend their undeath carrying out nefarious quests, killing any who even hinder their path. A rare few are masterless, wandering the world as a horseman of the end times with no overlord to direct them, yet even these death knights are known to commit truly evil acts on a whim.

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