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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Have ye ever heard the legend of Blackjammer’s Cutlass?
The famed artifact was thought lost in the Flow, but has resurfaced- passin’ twixt pirate captains’ hands ‘cross the astral sea.

What’s more is Captain Blackjammer himself, long thought vanquished, has returned- sailing the fiendish Banshee Queen’s Revenge from the Depths of the Abyss to reclaim his cutlass and terrorize the living once again…

Blackjammer’s Cutlass is an artifact from Dragon Magazine Issue #159 (July 1990) and the Book of Artifacts (1997). Inside the first New Spelljammer Classics adventure module, there are 79 pages of wildspace terror exploring the legend of dread pirate-lich Blackjammer and his plans for the mortal realm! Escape his plague ship! Capture his Cutlass! Explore his Lair! Battle the Revenge on the astral seas and put an end to the lich once and for all!

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