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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Monsters Unleashed

Monsters Unleashed is a new series of Dungeon Master-focused products that can be used to add new threats into your game. Each month, Green Mountaineers Publishing will be releasing a new title, allowing you to gain constant new foes to challenge your players. Volume 1, the first and most generic of the titles, will focus on new monster roles, the minion trait, and a host of NPCs to add into your game.


We are always looking to grow as a company, and we hope to improve upon various releases that have balance, formatting, or grammar mistakes; we do not want our customers to purchase a product littered with typos or overpowered features. As a result, expect all GM Publishing products to change from time to time as new D&D products are released that change the current state of the game, or simple grammar and formatting updates that fix up minor issues.

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