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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This map pack for TTRPGs features 6 maps all unique to a dragon’s personality. There are maps for brass, bronze, copper, gold, silver, and steel dragons and they come with and without a grid. 

The brass dragon’s lair features a wide opening to a cave on top of a plateau in a barren desert. The wide opening of the cave allows the brass dragon to soak in that rising sun every morning from within its living quarters. Treasures include gold, gems, statues, and art.

The bronze dragon’s lair is located in an underwater shipwreck surrounded by coral, seaweed, and what remained within the ship’s hull that the dragon didn’t find satisfactory. Inside you will find chests of treasure the dragon has looted from various ships passing by.

The copper dragon’s lair is found in an abandoned jail full of secrets. I have included secret rooms with secret doors throughout the map, I made the walls where the doors are located a slightly different color than the rest and I recommend covering the hidden rooms with whatever method you find suits you best. Do these secret rooms have fake treasure in it and only one of them holds the dragon’s true hoard? Or does the dragon hide their treasure in various places to avoid all of their treasure being stolen at one time?

The gold dragon’s lair is found deep within a forest inside an overgrown burial chamber with 6 mighty heroes that saved the world some years ago. The dragon occupying this burial chamber has been charged with protecting the bodies of these heroes as to pay respects to the sacrifice they made. Treasures in this burial chamber include any tributes people have made to the heroes over the years as well as any gold, gems, and jewelry the dragon has collected.

The silver dragon’s lair is located in a very tall abandoned wizard’s tower. The top floor where the dragon keeps their treasure is surrounded by clouds and has a huge hole in the side of the room for ease of access for the dragon (or any daring adventurer). Inside you’ll find various books, scrolls, potions, and a broken arcane circle left over from the wizard who lived here prior as well as all the treasure that the dragon has collected since taking residence here.

The steel dragon’s lair is located in a hidden overgrown ruin near a bustling city. The gargoyles perched on the walls of the ruin watch over the area while the dragon is away and inside you will find piles of treasure that include various deeds to properties located in the neighboring city.

These maps were created on Inkarnate.

Using these maps on roll20? Purchase them on the roll20 marketplace to assure the maps are compatible.

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