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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

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“I’ve seen many things in my time. To write about them all would take me more time than I, frankly, have any patience for. So instead, have a handful of my more recent sightings” – love, Maker.

Hey there! this is my first product for DM’s guild, and I just wanted to share some of the ideas I’d been cooking up. The idea for this book all stemmed from the fact that I couldn’t sleep one night after I realised no DnD character could use the phrase “Jolly Green Giant” as there were no green giants (trolls don’t count).

This proudct includes 20 new monsters totaling 24 monster statblocks each with a flavour packed description and each having unique abilities that not only set them apart from each other but other already published monsters. I’ve tried to cater to most of the tiers of play, with monsters you can use throughout tiers one, two and three that will spice up your combats a bit.

The character this tome is named after and penned by, Maker, is a fun NPC I use as a magic item saleswoman in my home games often. She initally was fully improvised because a player wanted to visit a magic item shop in water deep and I couldn’t find one. Initially she was just a bored 20th level adventurer who had used true polymorph to discover the secrets to immortality without needing to become a lich. She then went on to become so powerful and so bored she started schemeing to overthrow Asmodeus for sport, and to my surprise most players were more than willing to join her cause. But with her attempts to overthrow the lord of the nine hells now thwarted, she has now turned to cateloging the strange creatures she meets out in the multiverse, taking a page out of Volo’s book and adamantly insisting she had the idea first, hers is just taking longer to write.

Cover Art by Elise Cote (please check her out on Artstation)

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