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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The town of Zara’Tim is struck with a supernatural plague, colloquially known as the Liquid Fever. With all of the townsfolk now either infected or already shambling zombies, desperation grows high. The mayor seeks the help of traveling adventurers to find the only cure for the disease, which is rumored to be hidden in a minotaur’s labyrinth half a day travel from the town. Chances are the characters themselves don’t have much time. Even brief contact with an infected can also spread the disease to them.

Will you be the city’s savior or will you be lost to the sands?

This adventure is designed for 3 to 5 players of level 2 (with suggestions on scaling it to fit your campaign group level). Its main goal is to be a beginner-friendly adventure for both new DM’s and players alike. It provides equal opportunities for combat, roleplaying, and classic style dungeon crawling (with puzzles!!!). You will receive:

A beginner-friendly one-shot adventure
full-color and print-friendly map for the dungeon crawl (grid and gridless)
full-color and print-friendly optional handouts for an interactive element when tracking the progression of the illness

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