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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Save 25% off these four exciting solo adventures by Elfypunk!

The Isle of Storms Bundle contains these solo adventures (level 1-4):

Doomhold Barrow: Clara is missing and the clues to finding her are torn journal entries in the chilling Doomhold Barrow.
The Healing Well: A nearby healing shrine has lost its healing powers. Can you restore the Healing Well?
The Crystal Vault: Brave the traps and puzzles of the Crystal Vault to retrieve a long-lost artifact.
Moorheart Crypt: The ghost of a dwarven princess roams a crypt shrouded in unnatural darkness.

“Among the best solo adventures I ever played. I love the plot, the unique ideas, and the atmosphere.” – Milka. S.

The adventures can be played:

Solo (without a DM)
Duet (one player, one DM)
In a small group, with a DM and two players.

The adventures can easily be incorporated into any campaign setting.

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