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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

House Daegan & the Lichborne is a DM’s tool which introduces a new House and Class for the Eberron setting.

House Daegan

This resource book outlines the history of House Daegan as well as locations in which they operate. Detailed information can be learned of their House’s past, their oral traditions, and tales of the beginnings of the House’s foundations. An event, the Blackest Night, of Daegan’s history in Khorvaire is outlined and presents an event well known to House members. A new, custom background has been developed specifically for your character of House Daegan.

This resource book also outlines a new, and strange, alteration of the Mark of Shadow (the Mark of Night) which imbues wearers of the mark with certain powers relating to the night and shadow itself.

The book also details power structures and titles within the House, their descriptions, and methods of business and finance for the House.

New Class: Lichborne

Lichborne are mighty wielders of various dark forces. Necromancy, the blood of Vol itself, undeath, and powers of shadow and night are at the core of their being. The new Class features five archetypes varying in strengths tailored to melee-heavy, stealth, or spellcasting characters.

Lichborne Archetypes:

Path of the Dominator. Lichborne which dwell in thoughts and nightmares, using mental powers to persuade or command the weak.

Path of the Necromancer. Lichborne which utilize the powers of life and death who are studious librarians into the forbidden arcane.

Path of the Shadow. Lichborne which serve as spies, assassins, and information dealers through manipulation of shadows.

Path of the Sun Destroyer. Lichborne undead dreadnoughts of steel and fury which leave the weak in their trail of destruction

Path of the Vampiric.Lichborne who have completely embraced undeath and become a blood-feeding member of the night.

This resource book gives you all the tools to add a new and dynamic feel to your Eberron campaign!

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