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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Whether it’s patrolling trade routes and game trails between human and dwarven enclaves, healing the injured and clearing such areas of dangerous predators or in urban areas, followers of Marthammor Duin establish temples with the aim of strengthening dwarven populations through healing services, religious ceremonies, and exchange of information.

Players will find a set of new character subclasses for the cleric and ranger classes devoted to the dwarven deity Marthammor Duin, including three revamped spells converted from 2nd Edition.

Includes the history of Marthammor Duin, clergy and temples, church allies and foes, adventure ideas and much more.

This book is designed to bring what little information there is on Marthammor Duin, his followers, their temples, allies & foes and their roles in Forgotten Realms and expand on it to provide information to build your adventures and campaigns on.

This guide is for both players and DM’s who want to bring something different to their game.The information in these pages has been gathered from single sentences, a few paragraphs in acessory books and novels, footnotes and more from 1st edition on.

Nothing in this guide is set in stone, so it should make it easy to insert sections into your ongoing Forgotten Realms campaign or to create a new adventure on.

Some examples of gathered resources of information.

Legends and Lore
Waterdeep and The North
City System
Demihuman Deities
The Savage Frontier
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