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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Eoth Khalstan is back and with an encylopaedia focusing on draconic creatures!

Discover many new and familiar draconic creatures in this extensive tome of dragons, dragonkind, and many things relating to dragons. You will find treasures to fill dragon hoards with, customisation options to add a bit of style to your dragons, and a myriad of plot hooks and personality traits to flesh those dragons out!

Part 1: Introduction 

A brief summary of what to expect in this book with a note from Eoth himself. 

Part 2: Magic Items

 A short section providing eleven magic items that have ties to dragons. These items range from belts that give you the Constitution of a dragon, to a cloak that allows you to step through an extra-dimensional spectral head of a dragon and teleport, to a helm made from the skull of a blue dragon (let’s just hope you’re not seen wearing it by a friend of the deceased!), and more. 

Part 3: Dragon Options

Here you’ll find alternative traits and actions to swap for any dragon that exists outside of this supplement or within it. Swap that Frightful Presence for an aura that exhausts creatures around the dragon. Or you can swap it with an aura that gives disadvantage on Wisdom saving throws due to the sheer awesome presence of the dragon. 

Part 4: Hoards & Hooks

This section offers tables upon tables to roll so you can make encounters with dragons more memorable. You get personality traits and ideals for the true dragons within the supplement, just so you can make each encounter with a dragon feel that bit more unique. Have a howling dragon that shouts all the time, or an axial dragon with a nervous tick that forces it to say “tock”. 

You can also find plot hooks for these dragons which allows you to use your favourite dragons multiple times in different scenarios. Can the party save linguistic professors who are being kidnapped by chole dragons who just want to learn how to speak? Can the party figure out why a certain mountainrange is stopping hikers from getting a good night’s rest? Or can the party help a Tarterian dragon reform after a prison stint? These hooks and more will lead your party into interesting encounters.

Not only do you get tables for personality traits and plot hooks, but you also get hoard trinkets. Sure, finding magic items and gold is great, but it’s always fun to find the strange and quirky items that each type of dragon likes to collect. Each hoard table is personalised per dragon!

Part 5: Dragon Bestiary

 The largest section of this supplement is the bestiary containing over sixty different draconic creatures and over one hundred and seventy stat blocks. 

Find an additional chromatic, gem, and metallic dragon alongside dragons that hail from each of the Outer Planes. Pit your players against the force of nature that is the stone dragon, or a dragon that can control the flow of time! 

It’s not purely dragons you will find here either! You’ll find more drakes, as well as two types of draconic creatures that haven’t really shown up in 5e yet: dragonets and linnorms. Be amused by the tiny dragonets and their strange quirks (and maybe even make some of them a familiar). Terrify your players with the dreadful linnorms, an ancient species that faces extinction and isn’t too pleased about it. There are many friends and foes to be found in the book, and maybe you’ll find your new favourite dragon!

Within this hoard (the supplement), you can find:

284 pages of dragon-y goodness.
Over  60 draconic creatures  that have over 170 stat blocks (using rules from Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons and including many exciting greatwyrms!
 Optional Legendary Actions  for all of the creatures presetned (if they don’t already have legendary actions). Let any creature be a boss fight!
 Alternative traits and actions for dragons in general OR tailored alternatives for dragons by scale type!
Pregenerated  lair rooms , objects to put customise a lair,  and traps to ward off greedy adventurers. 
Tables with personality traits, ideals, plot hooks, and hoard items for the major dragons (and some smaller tables for the lesser dragons as well)!
All creatures  sorted by CR and also by creature type.
And all non-SRD spells mentioned throughout the supplement neatly collated at the end of the document (with 3 completely new spells)!
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