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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

On the outskirts of the Hawtern Mire, the denizens of Twin Moor have been losing their belongings. Theiving Fey have been pilfering the towns surrounding the Mire, but they have sticky fingers for more than just mundane goods… Can the party recover the stolen goods? How will they deal with the consequences of what’s been taken?

Filching Fey is a 5th edition adventure module for characters from Level 5 to 10 (Tier 2). It is a setting neutral module that can be easily inserted into pre-existing campaigns or run on its own. Filching Fey has an estimated runtime of 3-4 hours and contains suggestions to lengthen or shorten the adventure. The module is organized into two parts: “Setting & Notable NPCs” and “Running the Adventure”. Alternative ways to run the adventure are listed within the “running the Adventure” section.

This adventure was written by Daniel Yim. This is his first published adventure module after nearly 6 years of running homebrew adventures. If you enjoyed this adventure, then please feel free to browse my other works and leave feedback. Daniel can be found on Twitter.

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