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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Dreaming’s Inspiration Cards


I made this module as I find normal inspiration a bit to boring for my tastes and want to make the mechanic of inspiration more fun and engaging.

I took inspiration from the honorborn cards but adjusted them to fit my tastes and game more, the power level of my games differ greatly from vanilla D&D 5e.

As such you may think some cards are to powerful and might want to disable them.

However I like rewarding my players for being good players and giving them powerful cards like these are a good incentive for them to be the best they can be.

This is the first thing I ever feel confident enough in sharing, I hope even one other person will enjoy using these!

The Cards

The cards can be found in the Dreaming’s Inspiration Cards compendium under the rolltables section and items section.

The images can also be found in my google drive folder.

System and Files

These cards were made for the FoundryVTT system, the images are in webp format to save space.

I made the cards with a ratio of 1:1 because the item images in foundry change it to this ratio.

I’ve made items in foundry for each of the cards that can be used, this is the best way to use the cards since they can be consumed and for some cards even apply effects with the help of modules.

Rights/Creative Commons/Contact

I allow others to use these cards and rules as long as I am mentioned, if you want to use it in a commercial way please contact me first.

If you want to alter the work I also request you contact me.

For contact I can be added on Discord DreamingHero#0415 or on my e-mail:

You can also contact me if you want a card changed or have a new card made with the same format, I used adobe express to make the cards.


I do not want to charge anyone to use anything I make.

For people who enjoy the work I did and feel like giving me a buck you can do so at my Ko-fi.

The Rules

This will explain all the suggested rules for my inspiration cards, if you want you can choose to change the rules in your game or simply not use some or all of them.

Abbreviations & Terms

First to explain some abbreviations that may or may not be familiar to anyone reading this:

AC: Armor Class

DC: Difficulty Class

HP: Hit Points

THP: Temporary Hit Points

PB: Proficiency Bonus

Double and Triple Advantage/Disadvantage: Double advantage/disadvantage means a character rolls 3 dice and takes the highest/lowest result, triple is the same but with 4 dice.

If a character has disadvantage from a source but has double advantage from another source it will roll as if it has advantage, the same logic applies to other scenarios.

Ability DC: Refers to DC’s that use one of your ability scores in their calculation, for example many of a fighter’s battle maneuvers use either strength or dexterity as their ability modifier for the DC.

Charm Effects: Refers to the charmed condition and any other condition that you define under this umbrella.

Fright Effects: Refers to the frightened condition any any other condition that you define under this umbrella.

Lore Checks: In my games I use the skills: Arcana, History, Nature and Religion for lore checks about creatures or other things that may have lore pertaining to them.

Lore checks refers to rolling and meeting a DC, the information about a creature could give a character insight about a creature’s habits, abilities, resistances, sociability and many other things, if you don’t want to use these cards then I recommend letting your players re-draw these cards.

Action Economy

The cards don’t require actions to use, can be used at any time as long as a character is not at 0 HP (excluding cards with conditions or that mention otherwise), multiple cards can be used on the same turn.

Cards that state “On your next roll” can be used just before rolling to.

If the DM desires it they can change cards to have an action cost or be limited but I do not recommend it.

After all players already have so many things they need to use their actions on and these cards should be true rewards and feel like it.

Target Cards

Some cards have you select a target or respond to a target, in order to use such a card you must be able to see the target, if a card doesn’t mention a range it means you just have to see the target in order to use the card.


Cards can be discarded from your hand at any time, some cards have special effects if discarded from your hand.


Drawing refers to the players getting to draw cards from the deck.

I let players draw when they are being good players and make the game more fun and enjoyable for the group.

In some situations I let the players draw multiple cards but have them choose between the options, I put this in brackets.

Here are some examples of when I let them draw:

When the session begins if the players have written or updated their notes since the last session. (Draw 2, choose 1)
When players have some fun talks at the beginning of a session or re-cap the first session together, this is always fun imo. (Draw 3, choose 1)
When players engage in great roleplay or do something else equally awesome. (Draw 3, choose 1)
When a player has paid proper attention to the game and doesn’t distract themselves with other activities. (Draw 2, choose 1)
When a player has been planning their turn, at the least before the combatant in front of them in initiative, this allows combat to be faster and smoother. (Draw 2, choose 1)
When players defeat a tough creature. (Draw 1)
When players defeat a miniboss. (Draw 3 choose 1)
When players defeat a boss (Draw 5 choose 2)
When players defeat a chapter boss (A big boss that is a major character/villain in the adventure).  (Draw 7 choose 3)
When a player has overcome a great hurdle. (Draw 2, choose 1)
Whenever you think they deserve it.

A card’s effects can only be used once a player has chosen to hold the card, this means cards that activate when discarding only activate that effect when discarded once it’s been held.

Holding and Capacity

After rolling the cards their links in chat can be dragged and dropped to a character sheet to “hold” them, all the cards are items and this is an easy way to keep track of them, I made sure to put images in the descriptions, I also recommend tidy5e sheets module for the ability to show the art to the other players by right-clicking the context menu!

Multiple cards have effects that I made with the DAE and MidiQOL modules, for this reason I recommend downloading them, the cards can however be used without these modules.

I let the players hold a number of cards equal to their character’s PB-1.

If they draw cards while at this capacity they must choose between discarding cards they are holding or discarding cards they draw.

Cards are held will not disappear unless they are used or discarded by the player.

A player can only hold up to two copies of the same type of card, if a player draws a third copy they must draw a new card.

Roleplaying With Cards

Motivate your players to describe or roleplay what happens when they use a card.

After all, their effects are extraordinary and allow characters to perform amazing feats!


Cards can be traded with the requirement that both parties trade an equal amount of cards to eachother.

These cards are rewards so gifting them to another player goes against the intention.

Optional Rule: DM Draw

If the DM judges the players to have bad behaviour the DM can exclaim to the players that they will draw cards, this can alert the players to their behaviour and allows the DM to potentially upset the balance with cards of their own. The DM can the same amount of cards a player can, a DM can choose to hide the result of their roll.

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