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Defier Class

For use in any setting you choose…

The world is a complicated and most often scary place. 

When the likes of fighters, magic users, and healers roam the land, there are those who remain more of a mystery. 

A new element has arisen of late, a being, perhaps more than one, whose mastery of the arcane and divine rings supposition and terror as rumors spread. 

Power, desire, and skill, this is the Defier.

Defiers have a pact with the divine and the arcane powers of the worlds.

They pursue knowledge and power. 

Evil, good, or somewhere in between, the Defier is a mystery to most. 

Having a keen sense of mind, they are trained in the arts of persuasion and intimidation. 

They are rumored to make alliances with any manner of person or beast in hopes of gaining favor, power, or even attributes through physical or magical means.

With a focused mind, they are experts in subterfuge, they can both befriend and kill anyone at any time.  Unpredictable to be sure, they are feared because so little is known about them.

Also includes three NPC Level 7 Defiers to use as heroes or villains in your campaigns.


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