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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is a module for the Fantasy Grounds VTT and Dungeons & Dragons 5E. If you are looking for the PDF – click here.

5E Solo Gamebooks presents Caught In A Wizard’s Web, the sixth gamebook-style adventure in this series, set in the Forgotten Realms. This adventure is designed for a solo level 6 PC of any race or class, and is playable without a dungeon master. A multi-choice narrative guides you through this adventure. This series of adventures (which began with Death Knight’s Squire) is inspired by the format of the original “Red Box” solo adventure, as well as the Lone Wolf and Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks.

This adventure sees you journeying across many different landscapes and environments, and facing many different enemies as you try to outwit a devious mage whose machinations throw you into peril at every turn. To reveal the story behind it would be spoiling the discovery that will happen organically within the adventure, but suffice to say your PC will be tested to the utmost. It is recommended that you play through at least one of our other adventures (possibly the one prior to this, Drums at Daggerford) so that your PC has a chance to pick up some useful items and a bit of gold, before embarking on this brutal gauntlet of a quest!

Playtesters have reported logging up to 12 hours of play with this module, and there is huge scope for replayability as you choose from a variety of routes through the quest. Clocking in at just under 700 entries (not including Area and Location descriptions and Combat Sheets), Caught In A Wizard’s Web is easily the largest quest in this series to date. Never before have we worked so many different environs into one adventure. Using an interactive pdf, you click on hyperlinked entries which guide you through the adventure, maintaining a high level of immersion in the quest. 

The beauty of this adventure is its replayability, as there are nigh-countless ways to progress the half dozen or so environments, wide variety of creature encounters, and immersive narrative. What’s more is it remedies the all too oft forgotten exploration pillar in most adventure modules. So sharpen your blades, string your bow, study your spells, and pick up a sidekick because Paul Bimler’s latest adventure is as challenging as it is enjoyable.

David La Boon

Paul Bimler’s newest addition to an impressive publishing collection is certainly a challenge, but for all the right reasons. The adventure combines the best parts of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books with Dungeons and Dragons, adding a stunning original story and a sandbox setting you can adventure in multiple times and in different ways. The fights take not only character power but a good bit of strategy and a healthy bit of luck (of which I often found myself in short supply) to get through. If you enjoy a challenge, this is a good place for your mid-tier character to find it. It is a worthy addition to your collection, either to the story-line laid out in his earlier works or as a stand-alone adventure.

John Todsen

Another fantastic and refreshing adventure awaits you! And what a ride! Wastelands, woods, desert, mountain, swamps, sea, dungeons, everything there wants you dead or for dinner. Will you be up to the task?

Jessica Laurent

Many players have enjoyed running their characters through these quests, and the adventures are structured in such a way that any build – even balanced homebrew classes – will be tested to the limit of their capabilities. There are enemies to best in combat, skill challenges, magic items, puzzles, codewords, banes and boons, and a variety of other things to keep your character busy as they battle their way towards victory. 

Not only is this adventure ideal for solo players, but the conversion tools included at the back of the book allow you to adjust the adventure for parties of up to four adventurers. Theoretically, a dungeon master could run this as a mini-campaign over several sessions. 

Unlike previous product pages, the author is hesitant to reveal too much about the story of this quest, to preserve the element of discovery which you will experience as soon as you turn to Entry 1!

So roll up a level 6 character and get adventuring!

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