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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Better Monsters Make Better Wildernesses

Monsters are one of the most important aspects of any Dungeons and Dragons campaign, comprising one-third of the core rules and inspiring many players to take up the art of DMing. This book hopes to inspire a new generation of DMs to start their journeys and to give experienced DMs a new set of beasties to throw at their players.

Within this book you’ll find over 70 revised monsters from the core rules, unique threats from the mind of the author, and iconic creatures from older editions that can’t be found in modern products, starting with the Ankheg, and ending with the Wyvern.

If you find yourself in need of new, exciting monsters to place throughout your enchanted forests, murky bogs, and frigid mountains, look no further than Darkthan’s Action-Oriented Bestiary.

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