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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


This ancient and fertile environment is both beloved and feared. Wood elves, druids and rangers take inspiration in the abundance of creatures and plant life it holds and will fight to protect it, but there are areas that even they will not go. The woods holds many dark secrets and not all creatures are so willing to share in its bounty. 


Five compelling wilderness-themed stories.


Each one-page module tells a unique story, carefully crafted and crammed with all the information needed to run the adventure.



Difficulty rating: Easy

A vision appears of a deity appealing for the party’s help in saving the Great Tree of the forest. Its guardians have been overcome by a pestilence and agents of chaos will overrun the wood.


Difficulty rating: Moderate

Three villages have reported thefts in the night with furniture and other possessions going missing. More alarmingly, a young girl called Lyrinette has vanished. She went to the bed as normal but was gone the next morning. The villages will surely be indebted should the mystery be solved.


Difficulty rating: Moderate

The forest is on life support. A strange vine plant is strangling the life from the ground and sucking the sap from the trees. A young druid is seeking assistance in ridding the woodland of this pestilence and restoring balance to life once more. 

THE COURT OF BERGLIN (a two-page module)

Difficulty rating: Moderate-Hard

The forest has a new ruler. Ancient and mischievous, Berglin is both tree spirit and divine being, and has continued to grow in girth and magical powers. The woodland folk are at their wits end carrying out dangerous missions or being punished for not meeting Berglin’s wacky expectations.


Difficulty rating: Hard

Each member of the party has been having vivid nightmares. Visions of burning, of corpses piled high and a wide, a sinister grin followed by wild laughter like a saw on wood. Will the party be able to resolve their state or go mad trying?



Each module provides…

3-4 hours of interactive entertainment & action.
Background to each adventure scenario.
Environment and Locations to visit within the area.
NPCs to interact with.
Stat blocks and abilities for the creature encounters featured in the adventure.
Encounters suitable for low (1-4), mid (5-8), High (9-12) and Epic (13+) level parties.
Rewards specific to the module for successfully completing the scenario.


Bonus material:

DM Notes providing further information on the background and the outcome of each adventure
Tables for a 20 additional Magical Items, and 20 Treasures, that can be used by the DM as needed.


This set of modules contain:

23 unique encounters.
22 locations to explore.
5 module-specific reward.
40 woodland-themed treasures.
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