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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Virtual Tabletop Journey presents the iconic Curse of Strahd – Death House EXPANDED EDITION recreated for use in TaleSpire! This version of Death House is VASTLY larger, to allow additional opportunities and freedom of gameplay in 3D space.

For a more original experience (cramped halls, designed for theater of the mind), go get this version.

This book contains revised room descriptions which enhances the original Curse of Strahd module, which you must obtain separately. If you are just starting your campaign, I also recommend getting a Guide to the Curse of Strahd campaign.

This book includes…

30 (of 38) rooms have revised descriptions , several of which are completely new! (fancy bathroom, attic entrance hall)
Full color, orthographic, reference maps for room identification 
Details about the challenges of converting 2D maps to 3D
Instructions for using hide volumes and smoothly transitioning players through the map

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