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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Bards of the College of Living Instruments feel a natural draw towards animals, nature, and companionship. They may have grown up on a farm in the country but dreamt of bigger things, or have run away to join the circus and live amongst the wild creatures. Their honed magic allows them to find and create this wild companionship for themselves – by breathing life into their instruments. Bards of the College of Living Instruments learn to shapechange their instruments into creature companions who aid them along their journeys.  

living instruments – a bard college

turn your bardic instrument into a creature companion with its own statblock, proficiencies, and spells
three living instrument types – land, sea, & sky – that can be changed on a long rest
living instrument has its own uses of bardic inspiration
can deliver spells up to 60 feet away

includes formatted PDF, plain text document, and dyslexia friendly document

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