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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Let the monsters feel your steel!

Do you enjoy the combat of D&D and have a build in mind, but just can’t seem to make it fit with existing subclasses? Are you looking for some new class options to spice up your campaign world? Then this book could be what you seek. Within its pages are three all-new subclasses, each made with a focus on fun and expanding the options for combat. Each subclass was designed to balance with the officially released content, and are generic so they can be added to any campaign setting.

This book contains:

The College of Soaring Steel. A Bard subclass that specializes in the impalement arts, excelling in midrange combat using daggers and other small thrown weapons in combination with their spellcasting, allowing them to fill multiple roles within a party.
The Man-At-Arm archetype. A Fighter subclass designed to do what else, but fight. The Man-At-Arms allows for new and unique tactics by granting new properties to existing weapons and surviving long enough to use them. Though it lacks the raw damage output of the Champion or the situational versatility of the Battlemaster, this archetype is well rounded once combat starts, allowing a character to maintain consistent offensive pressure without sacrificing defense. 
The Path of The Frother. A Barbarian subclass that put’s all its focus on speed and damage. With a weapon in each hand, those on the path of the Frother chase down their foes with dogged determination, driving them into the dirt and rending their flesh with brutal efficiency. In a party, a Frother serves as a mobile, close range damage dealer who can quickly adapt to a change in environment and is difficult to slow or stop once they have found a target.

Check back later for more spells, subclasses, feats and items.

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