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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Welcome to the 11th of my 20 part series!!!

Ever have a new group of players, and you’re just not sure if starting a whole campaign is the best way to go?  Have a few missing players, but the rest of you still want to game?  Your world building software is on the fritz, but you still need something cool and original?  Then try my games!

Each Mini-Campaign is designed for the same level of player characters.  They are each an individual adventure, and they can be easily changed to best fit your group.

11th of 20:  The road towards Cormanthor has been utterly destroyed by the heedless destruction of a fiendish warparty.  Wanting to continue North, the adventurers find someone to guide them along a new path, but the guid dies of natural causes along the way.  They unwillingly gain the favor of a very annoying and curious fey being, and they must navigate their way past yugoloth sales booths to find a way out of the chaotic Daleland Forest.

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