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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Often called beast brothers or beast sisters, the beast sibling class is a niche mix between druid, hunter, and barbarian. Imagine a druidic warrior, devoid of magic, but still with the spirit of an animal. It was made to accomodate those specific characters that were raised by animals, that have left society behind, or live like animals for some other reason.

Core mechanics of the class center around beast strength and feral trance. Your beast stength lets you amplify strength based actions, making you incredibly effective as the muscle of the group. Feral trance lets you fully take on the mindset of a wild animal for a short time; this ennables you to react faster and fight more fiercely.

This class includes 3 uique subclasses; brute, opportunist, and placid. Each corresponds to the type of animal that the beast sibling emulates.

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