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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Archer is a martial class for 5th edition D&D that utilizes its physical prowess in combination with one of humanity’s oldest weapons to become a deadly ranged warrior. This homebrew class includes the base archer class and 3 subclasses:  The Gadgeteer, The Show Shooter, and The Yonru. Each uses the bow and arrow in different ways that can make them a dominating force on the battlefield. The archer uses its main mechanic of Fortitude dice to do impossible tasks and overcome enemies.

Author’s Note:  This homebrew class was created to fill the gap that exists for ranged martial classes. I have had players that aren’t interested in Ranger and feel that Fighters don’t quite cover what they’re looking for and so this creation aims to satisfy them. Any feedback and comments are welcome and I appreciate any support that you might throw my way. I can be found on Twitter @RoarlikeThunder.

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