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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Originally created for the Arcano-tech world of Eberron, Artificers push the bounds of magical item creation with their many inventions. Most players and subclasses lean into this, inviting robot companions and mech-suits to the scare the people of Barovia and beyond. 

“Ancient Artificers” seek to rectify this by creating two new subclasses for the artificer which would fit any classic D&D world:

 The Mutageniticist


The Mutageniticist is a new take on the classic pathfinder alchemist. In addition to all your infusions you have your choice of mutagenetic concoctions that alter your stats and physiology, but each comes with a downside as well. As you level up in this specialty you can prepare more and more concoctions, temporarily ignore the downsides of one, or improve your base concoctions to push your stats beyond what your body could normally handle to a max of 24 at level 9 and 26 at level 15. 

The Runecarver is a defensive specialist who supplements their own infusions by carving runes on their and their allies magic items. These minor bonuses help fill the party roles but also tether the runecarver to anyone carrying one of their runes, allowing for touch-ranged spells to function from across the map.

If you are interested in the rune carver also check out my other work expanding the Rune Knight and the Rune Carver adept feat listed there for more powerful runes. 

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