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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“A Gallop through the Wizard’s Tower” – part of the “Detailed Encounters” series!

Each “Detailed Encounter” –  features new monsters with unique stat blocks, new magic items, a custom battle map, and detailed NPCs. It also has story hooks and advice enough, to quickly turn it into a separate adventure!

About “A Gallop through the Wizard’s Tower”:

A quick-paced exploration of the magic tower, home to the great Solomon, the Master Conjurer, an expert in fiendology. Adventurers have to find Control Orbs to disable the tower’s security system before it destroys them, and discover the secrets of the tower in the process. Their progress will be ushered by a seemingly helpful entity with nefarious intent – Zarloxar, the blue Abishai. The success of adventurers could also finally spell freedom to the fiend… or not if players, under stress, will realize the trickery in time.

This book contains:

A detailed description of the encounter inside a Wizard’s Tower (layout and Defenses), with a lot of fun moments for both players and Game Masters. 
Complete backstory, quest hooks, and suggestions of how you can unfold this encounter and turn it into a separate adventure.
A detailed map of the extradimensional Wizard’s Tower, with three floors!
A unique magical item.
New monsters.
A challenging trial to get a cool base for your adventuring party, that would feel well-earned! And some problems that come with that… 🙂

“A Gallop” is best suited for an adventuring party of 4-6 characters of level 6, potentially scalable down to the third level or up to the third tier (advice on how to do it – inside the book).

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Stretch goals:

If this title reaches Silver status – I will release an adventure based on the hooks of this story.

Last note:

All and any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Help me make each new adventure better than the last one 😉

Made in Ukraine

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