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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Is your narration routine? How many times do you ‘hit’ with your sword? Where’s the cinematic joy in your narration?

600+ Descriptive Words to Enhance Your Narration will give your narration the boost it needs!

On these 3 printer-friendly sheets you’ll find exciting words for:

Melee and Ranged Combat: sorted by weapon/damage types, movement words, words for hitting and missing and reactions
Spellcasting: verbal and somatic descriptions, visual and auditory effects, and damage types
Creatures: physical attributes, elemental and incorporeal descriptors, smells, sounds and more!

I know what you’re saying, “I already own and love The Raconteur’s Lexicon Expanded Edition. It has all this too…and more!” And you’re not wrong! 600+ Descriptive Words to Enhance Your Narration takes 3 sections (15 pages of words) and distills it down to 3 pages. It’s easy to keep  at the table with your character sheets or behind the DM screen.

Prepare ahead of time or use it to improve your improv. A quick glance is all it takes to go from boring to beguiling!

Now, go put some OOMPH! into your combat narration.

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