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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This product combines Dungeons and Dragons with some of the concepts of the OSR movement.

It removes class and race in the way you may be familiar with it, and limits the maximum level you can achieve to five.

The goal is to increase the tension and stakes in your game while still being able to play in games of up to 10th level, while giving a broader array of character types to choose from.

What You Will Get

You will be able to make characters quickly with very different abilities.

You will get games that feel tense, because your players will feel threatened.

You will see players push into danger to achieve their goals.

You will have players make choices about living to fight another day.

You will get players pushing to set up situations of advantage rather than relying on their attributes.

You will see characters who more closely resemble fantasy heroes from novels or TV series, or at high levels, mythology.

Adventure Fantasy

One of the main concepts of 5th Level 5th Edition is that it is what I call Adventure Fantasy, which is different in nature to Power Fantasy.

In most cases D&D is power fantasy, like Diablo. You see the steady increase of power of your character, and you wield epic powers; eventually you become godlike.

This game is closer to something like Divinity: Original Sin 2. There are rules for power and progress, but the game is more about the cunning and well placed use of your abilities over sheer power.

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