The Dancing Queen – Custom Card

The Dancing Queen – Custom Card

Publisher: Paizo
Display this card to search the box for the Swan Elashni cohort and display it. Banish Swan Elashni if this card is banished, recharged, or discarded.

Discard this card, if at your location another card is played or revealed with an equal or higher check to acquire number, AND either the Dance, Noble, Aristocrat or Royalty trait.

“But when you have the chance …”
A community created card built with the DriveThruCards card creator. $0.35

The Dancing Queen – Custom Card

Percival’s Portal Pair Notes

Publisher: Shenanigans Media LLC

No one quite remembers who Percival was, but they know he left behind a pair of portals in his sanctum. Unfortunately, he left no known notes to provide any clue as to what lies at the other end of these portals. Those that have dared enter have never returned. Nevertheless, adventurers continue to be drawn to the lab in the hopes of discovering something that other missed. Of course, more nefarious sorts often claim the lair for themselves and must also be dealt with.

This is a companion for the Percival’s Portal Pair Map Pack. It is not a fully fleshed out adventure, but rather a one-page guide to help a GM put together a side quest using the map.

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The Dancing Queen – Custom Card

Tome of Horrible Horrors I

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Need something to help with your planned session?

Presented is an encounter that you can drop into your game. It is more than a random encounter. It offers roleplaying, combat, and original content.

The heroes encounter animated served heads on pikes. The heads beg the heroes to help them. It is for a 4 PC of 3rd level.

Check out my site:

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The Dancing Queen – Custom Card

Magic Ring Remixes

Publisher: Fat Dragon Games

I backed the latest Kicckstarter from Fat Dragon and the Wizard Portal struck me as an awesome item.  I took the ring from it and remixed it into a variety of Magic / Teleportation portals.  I utilized thing:3016005 for the floating portal chains and rocks  credit to DAANDRUFF  I utilized thing:3672212 for the inside of the portal credit to Skymaster7. Both are useable for remxiing and commercial use under the CC license

If you are a licensed printer of Fat Dragon products, then you may include this set under the Fat Dragon license to print for commercial use.

With this set you get:

Magic / Teleportatino Ring: 

Magic / Teleportation Ring on a Dais :

Magic / Teleportation Ring on a floor tile: 

Magic / Teleportation Ring on a Wall Tile:  

Magic / Teleportation Ring – floating using a modified 2×4 floor tile (modified floor tile included): 

I printed all of these using an initial layer of .2 and subsequent layers of .15 with a .4mm nozzle on an ender 3 and Cura slicer

For the floating portal use the  generated supports that touch the base plate only

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The Dancing Queen – Custom Card

Village Cemetery Magnetic Base Adaptation and Remix

Publisher: Fat Dragon Games

I wanted to be able to use the Village Cemetery set with my other sets and to do this I needed to adapt them to work with magnetic bases.  So for this set I have done the following:

1) Adapted the fence wall and corner wall pieces to be mounted on 2×4 and 2×2 tiles to allow for magnetic base use.

2) Created a 2×2 Fence wall segment to give some building flexibility also to allow for magnetic base use

3) I created a 2×4 Gate to adapt for magnetic base usage (gate pieces not included)

4) Created a back side for the fence top. This is glued to the original fence piece to make a better looking and more robust fence top for the tiles.  My printer does not print the backside which is on the print bed very well and this allows me to hide the poor pint quality I get.

5) I remixed some 2×2 tiles for graves using the Fat Dragon headstones and the grave mound from thing:2600794.  Credit to melabam.  License allows for remixing and commercial use

6) I remixed the Shadowgrove crypt entrance to the cemetery underground entrance and put that on a 4-tile matrix to support magnetic bases

7) I made a double width dungeon edge piece to cover the tile and magnetic base

PLEASE NOTE – I do not include all the village cemetery components.  For instance, the Mausoleum roof and gate or the 2×4 fence and all ground / path tiles are NOT included.  You will need to buy the Village Cemetery set to properly use all of the tiles in this set.

If you are a licensed printer of Fat Dragon products, then you may include this set under the Fat Dragon license to print for commercial use.

This set includes:

The mounted Mausuleum base:

The 2×2 Fence bottom and fence top and backside fence top:

7 graves tiles:

Underground Entrance: 

The 2×4 Gate piece adapted for magnetic bases:

The 2×2 Corner adapted for magnetic bases:

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