d12 Monthly Issue 6 – The Undead Issue

d12 Monthly Issue 6 – The Undead Issue

Publisher: YUM_DM

This is issue 5 of the successful zine, d12 Monthly. This issue is all about Undead. 

A zine for fans of the longest-running roleplaying game, or any fantasy TTRPG, in the same vein as the roleplaying magazines of old.

You will find articles intended to spur on ideas for your own campaign.

These zine are available free from my website, but this is a way you can have all your TTRPG stuff in one place and help support me and my work.

This issue contains the following:

Transvision Vamp – New types of vampires for you to throw at your players, including new vamp traits. 

Enhance Your Undead – Mundane herbs to augment your undead to make them truly unique and powerful. 

Weapon Spotlight – This time we take a look at the scythe.

Library Ratings – Researching in your campaign world’s best libraries. Great for those players who like to research and discover new information. 

Phylacteries – Four unique places to hide your soul! 

The Spirit World – A new look at where spirits go after death.

Necromancer Level Up – Making your necromancer even deadlier. 

Location, Location, Location – This time we can a trip to the spirit world and The Umbra – a new demi-plane with some interesting inhabitants. 

Undead Familiars – Your best friend just got better! 

And much more! 

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d12 Monthly Issue 6 – The Undead Issue

Read Magic – 1st Path Magic (PF2E)

Publisher: Orphaned Bookworm Productions LLC

Read Magic: 1st Path Magic brings 10 spells from Pathfinder Role Playing
Game First Edition and adapts, tweaks and translates them to work within
the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Second Edition.

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d12 Monthly Issue 6 – The Undead Issue

DotMM: Boxed Flavor Text and Combat Tracker – Level 10: Muiral’s Gauntlet (Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage)

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

If you’re like me, you like to step into a game fully prepared. I picked up Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage and was really disappointed to see that there was no boxed flavor text. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of great content in there, but I have a hard time coming up with room descriptions on the spot. I’m hoping there are others like me out there, others who will be able to take advantage of what I’m preparing for my own players. The idea is to slowly, over the course of the next year, release flavor text for each level of Undermountain. This module contains descriptions for the tenth floor (Muiral’s Gauntlet) only!

     I’ve never been a fan of catch-all descriptions, so I attempted to approach each area from several angles (if necessary). This means that some rooms will be broken down into several sections. Here are some of the most common:

Occupied – The occupants are still in the room (e.g. an alarm has not been sounded) and are not aware of the PC’s existence. This is often followed by…

If Seen – The occupied tag assumes that the PC’s have not been seen (perhaps masked by Stealth or Invisibility). This next section is what occurs when the PC’s are seen. 

Unoccupied – The occupants of the room are no longer present (e.g. an alarm has been sounded and they rushed off somewhere).

Also Included: EXCEL Combat tracker

     Included in your purchase of this module (as a separate file) is an Excel workbook. This workbook is a combat tracker that contains summary stats for all monsters located within the first floor. It also includes the ability to auto-calculate attack and damage rolls for each monster. While this file is formatted to work on Excel, you should also be able to use it in a free program (such as Google Sheets). It may not look as pretty in another program, but should still function properly. 


     The original Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage rulebook is required in order to use the contents of this work.

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d12 Monthly Issue 6 – The Undead Issue

Oldskull Art Pack IX: Unseelie Court

Publisher: Kent David Kelly

For use by e-book creators, designers, and Game Masters, Oldskull Art Pack IX – Unseelie Court – features AI-assisted creations by Kent David Kelly in glorious full color.

The Unseelie Court — for those of you who know your Gygax research as well as your Katharine Mary Briggs faerie classifications — are the Fae of Chaos, who seek to harm mortals. But they can only reach mortals indirectly through dreams, desire, and temptation toward dark acts. These enshrouded nobles — capriciously allied at times with the Drow — afflict the World of Oldskull with illusions and presages, visitations which are all the more deadly because they are alluring and beautiful.

Each of the Fae featured in this art pack has two aspects. The first is the Unveiled form, which is what they truly look like — as creatures of Chaos — if you manage to see them clearly. The second is the Reflected form, a too-perfect mirror image of symmetrical arcane glammerie which appears as a veiled interpretation of a beautiful maiden of Law.

Upon purchasing this PNG-file art pack, you are permitted to use all of the included artwork an unlimited number of times without restriction, for personal and/or commercial use.

If any images are used in a commercial product intended for profit, I ask that you please include the following attribution within your relevant work(s): “Some art created by Kent David Kelly, 2022.”

This art pack contains the following 26 original pieces, of 13 Fae in both aspects:


[1] Calavadra, Reflected

[2] Calavadra, Unveiled

[3] Chryse, Reflected

[4] Chryse, Unveiled

[5] Dalanthe, Reflected

[6] Dalanthe, Unveiled

[7] Famchae, Reflected

[8] Famchae, Unveiled

[9] Gwyndrai, Reflected

[10] Gwyndrai, Unveiled

[11] Helleken, Reflected

[12] Helleken, Unveiled

[13] Meridia, Reflected

[14] Meridia, Unveiled

[15] Shaethala, Reflected

[16] Shaethala, Unveiled

[17] Thandelei, Reflected

[18] Thandelei, Unveiled

[19] Velanthra, Reflected

[20] Velanthra, Unveiled

[21] Vlondiir, Reflected

[22] Vlondiir, Unveiled

[23] Wyndrii, Reflected

[24] Wyndrii, Unveiled

[25] Xirantha, Reflected

[26] Xirantha, Unveiled


Exemplifying the following powers in the World of Oldskull campaign:

[I] Calavadra, of the Spiders
[II] Chryse, of the Falling Leaves
[III] Dalanthe, of the Death Lilies
[IV] Famchae, of Blood Decadence
[V] Gwyndrai, of Poisoned Berries
[VI] Helleken, of Masquerades
[VII] Meridia, of Envy
[VIII] Shaethala, of the Eastern Lotus
[IX] Thandelei, Dream Reagents
[X] Velanthra, of Frozen Spring
[XI] Vlondiir, of Gateways to Leng
[XII] Wyndrii, of Death in Winter
[XIII] Xirantha, of the Dreamlands


* * * * *


Please refer to the Zip folder of associated PNG files which accompany this document.

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