VTT Battle Maps – Lovecraft inspired: Magic Halls – Two 40×40 maps

VTT Battle Maps – Lovecraft inspired: Magic Halls – Two 40×40 maps

Publisher: PenguinComics


Two 40×40 maps with large dim-lit magic underground halls.

A large underground magic cave – the Magic Halls! Fearful magic and a golden bridge!

This is a 80×40 inch battle map for “any” system.

Included in this set:

8K MAPS with and without GRID.
6K MAPS with and without GRID.
4K MAPS with and without GRID.

Totally 12 JPG images = approx 240Mb of material!
This is part of the “Lovecraft inspired”-series of VTT Maps.

ALL other Cthulhu/Lovecraft VTT Maps can be found here.

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Shardmind Race

Shardmind Race

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Ancient fragments of a shattered gate protecting reality from the far realm, the Shardminds are psychic crystalline creatures. They offer a unique addition to any party with their telepathic and psionic abilities.

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BLAZON Plot Deck: Ever-Winding Worlds

BLAZON Plot Deck: Ever-Winding Worlds

Publisher: Fantasy Heartbreaker

Journey the ever-winding worlds of Stellar Protector BLAZON with this plot hook-packed deck or use it with your favorite 2d6 sci-fi RPG!

This 55-card deck features wild plot twists, including Unexpected Sapience, Slumbering Beast, They Have a Pointand the ever-popular Explosion, giving you a universe of weird adventure!

I originally created Ever-Winding Worlds to fuel my solo play, but it’s also a dynamite way to prompt action for group sessions.

Using the deck is simple. Draw two cards and juxtapose them for an in media res opening scene, then draw a hand of cards to play when you want a twist in the action. If you play a card to help your heroes, draw one replacement card. If you play it to make their lives more complicated, draw two.

In addition to success icons for BLAZON, each card features 2d6 results, evenly distributed across the deck. You can use it for its native game, or with any 2d6-based sci-fi or superhero RPG!

Check out these samples:

The Digital Edition includes both a print-and-play PDF and individual files for VTTs!

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Stellar Protector BLAZON

Stellar Protector BLAZON

Publisher: Fantasy Heartbreaker

Get the BLAZON plot deck here!


…were just a person. Maybe bold, maybe meek, but full of potential. And then a hero died at your hands or in your arms, and told you that the universe needs protectors. That it needs you.

And before they died, they gave you their badge.

The badge brings dreams to life, if only briefly. It wraps you in a raiment of starshine and wishes. With it, you can make a difference.

But there are other heroes. Those who serve the Majesties of Chaos, who dwell on moons
made of cancer and who are wreathed in colors that should not be…

…and yet, in all the universe, they are the most like you.


…is a constellation of one-page games and generators to help you tell stories of cosmic heroes.

You get 5 games, all self-contained but all fully compatible:

Stellar Protector BLAZON calls you to be a champion of the Pattern, protecting and strengthening the connections between the beings of the universe.
Cosmic Liberator EIDOLON casts you as a hero of Chaos, bringing freedom to the oppressed.
Armor Hero AEGIS tells your story as your home’s brightest mind, reborn as a knight in transforming armor.
Rogue Savior ICON puts you in the shoes of a person born to lead your people into a new Golden Age, searching for a place where you can be loved for yourself.
Titan Heart NOVA bring you to life as a person given the heart of a star-god, with power untempered by any restraint.

In addition, you get Among Silver Stars, the plot generator, and ‘Neath Wondrous Skies, the world creator, for a total of 24 tables!


I’ve used the BLAZON set for both GMed and solo games. It uses a simple 2d6 system, with powers as a checklist of options which you cycle for spectacular effects, and hero-specific rules for using tarot cards or printed pictures. For every option, you can choose or roll on a d6 table.

If you’d like to see the entirety of the first game, click the Alternate Preview at the top of this listing.

For more wild cosmic action, check out Ever-Winding Worlds, the BLAZON Plot Deck!

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Axioms Issue 14: Codex and Scroll

Axioms Issue 14: Codex and Scroll

Publisher: Autarch

Axioms is Autarch’s quarterly supplement for the Adventurer Conqueror King System. Each issue of Axioms offers a mix of short content updates for ACKS, such as new classes, new sub-mechanical systems, explorations of specific themes within the game, short adventure scenarios, and more.  

In this issue, Codex and Scroll, we offer detailed mechanics for books. Has anything played a more important role in the rise and fall of civilizations than books? Mechanics cover:

Characteristics of books – format, language, topic, scope, complexity, length, reading time
Reading books, referencing books, learning proficiencies from books
Writing, copying, translating, and producing books
Appraising and valuing books
Creating and using esoteric books with secret knowledge
Creating and using authoritative books that are never wrong
Creating and using collections and libraries of books
Random book generation tables

While designed for use with ACKS, content in Axioms is compatible with any d20-based fantasy RPG built on the OGL. Axioms is made possible through the support of our patrons, who receive early access to the articles on a month-by-month basis. If you’re already a patron, thanks for your support! 

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