Class Cheat Sheets for 5e (GM Bundle)

Class Cheat Sheets for 5e (GM Bundle)

Publisher: Icarus Games

Digital Reference Sheets for all the SRD Classes to Make Learning (and playing) 5e Easier Than Ever! 

Never forget your class’ abilities again with these digital sheets thanks to simple, natural language, trackers for core abilities, icons to make finding things on the page easy, and page references to the core books. 

Perfect for teaching new players the fundementals of their characters, or to give veterans a reminder as to what they can do with their character on their turn, these cheat sheets have a home on any 5e game table.

The GM bundle contains 12 class cheat sheets, covering the 12 core classes and subclasses of the base game:

Barbarian, Path of the Berserker
Bard, College of Lore
Cleric, Life Domain
Druid, Circle of the Land
Fighter, Champion
Monk, Way of the Open Hand
Paladin, Oath of Devotion
Ranger, Hunter
Rogue, Thief
Sorcerer, Draconic Bloodline
Warlock, Fiend Patron
Wizard, College of Evocation

The sheets are provided as PDFs for you to print at home, with form-fillable options available in the bundle for those playing digitally. 

This bundle also includes the following bonus items, which were unlocked as stretch goals during our Kickstarter campaign: 

Blank class and subclass sheets, allowing you to make non-SRD characters using the cheat sheets. 
Ancestry cards which provide players with the mechanical information of the SRD races in printable card format. 
A redesigned character sheet to be simpler for new players, and work directly with the cheat sheets. 
A player reference screen containing common, non-class specific, rules your players will want to reference. 
A character creation guide o help new players make their characters. 
A session 0 guide to help new GMs prepare to run their first game. 
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Class Cheat Sheets for 5e (GM Bundle)

Oldskull Art Pack VII – Dream Walker II

Publisher: Kent David Kelly

For use by e-book creators, designers, and Game Masters, Oldskull Art Pack VII – Dream Walker II – features AI-assisted creations by Kent David Kelly in glorious full color.

Highlighting the extra-dimensional and alternate Prime Material Plane aspects of the author’s World of Oldskull campaign, the Dream Walker series celebrates the genres of dark fantasy, weird fiction, the Lovecraftian Dreamlands, post-apocalyptic Gamma Realms, and steampunk-infused vergences which lie in the wondrous borderland between arcana and technology.

Upon purchasing this PNG-file art pack, you are permitted to use all of the included artwork an unlimited number of times without restriction, for personal and/or commercial use.

If any images are used in a commercial product intended for profit, I ask that you please include the following attribution within your relevant work(s): “Some art created by Kent David Kelly, 2022.”

This art pack contains the following 33 original pieces:


[1] A Plane Walker Acolyte’s First Experience with the Multiverse

[2] Ai Shathra, a Marchioness of the Unseelie Court

[3] Ascension of Talai of Tamoanchan, the Becrimsoned Queen

[4] Autumn Revel the Joyous Danse Macabre

[5] Basil Elton Walks to the White Ship on a Bridge of Moonbeams

[6] Cascading Ascent into the Planes of Law

[7] Chantriel, a Changeling Baroness of the Seelie Court

[8] Come Ye, Embrace Autumn, and Revel While Ye May

[9] Cybernetic Augmentation Market at Seven to Midnight

[10] Dauntless, A Lost Crew Unknowingly Enters the Dreamlands

[11] Entering the Arcane Reagent Market of Krexus the Mercator

[12] Gilded Difference Engine Poised Above the Crystal Palace Conservatory

[13] Godling Idol of House Vulpa, Clan of the Clever Ones

[14] Imperial Visage of the Gloried Exemplar Aslumber

[15] Initiation of Damiana into the Cabal of the Strega

[16] Interdimensional Plane Walker, Contemplating a Smaller Dimension

[17] Journey Selections from the Alchemist of Dreams

[18] Neon Okinawa Outskirts, 2077

[19] Pathway Toward the Orchards of the Last Elven Enclave, 1800s

[20] Retro-Spectacle of a Newly Created Wasteland

[21] Selecting Worlds from the Gallery of the Plane Walker Demetrius

[22] Something Wicked This Way Comes

[23] Talantherion, a Manifesting Planar Citadel of Law

[24] The Elfin Amulet of Unwithering, Falling Leaves

[25] The Goddess Hope and Her Handmaidens, Lamenting a Plane of Perfection

[26] The Goddess Hope ,in Denial of Her Own Existence

[27] The Jade Labyrinth of Xuchotl, as Beheld by the Cimmerian

[28] The Lich’s Clockwork and Radiant Glass, in Awakening

[29] The Roots and Leathers Binding a Book of Shadows

[30] Two Spirits Dancing at the Entrance to the Afterlife

[31] Undeath in Ending, a Vampiress Thrall Walks in Daylight

[32] Virtual Avatar of a Grid Archon, Amethystine

[33] Wraith Queen Telandri Emerges from the Plane of Shadow


* * * * *


Please refer to the Zip folder of associated PNG files which accompany this document.

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Class Cheat Sheets for 5e (GM Bundle)

Bound to Dawn: Radiant Citadel Warlocks

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Radiant Citadel is a magical city that exists within the Ethereal Plane, winding around an immense gem known as the Auroral Diamond. It was the collaboration of twenty-seven founding civilizations, each hailing from a different world of the Material Plane. Abandoned and lost for centuries, the Citadel has now been resurrected and reclaimed by fifteen of those civilizations, each represented by a Dawn Incarnate.

A Dawn Incarnate is a collection of thousands of precious gemstones that manifests in the form of plant or animal of particular significance to one of the founding civilizations. Each of its component gems contains the essence of an ancestral soul or nature spirit from that realm along with all of its knowledge and memories. 

This supplement presents a new warlock subclass for characters wishing to make their pact with one of these Dawn Incarnates so as to access that arcane knowledge. It also offers detailed customizations for each of the fifteen named Dawn Incarnates, two new backrounds thematically tied to the Radiant citadel, a new spell available to some warlocks, and a Bestiary of monsters, many of which can serve as warlock familiars or are otherwise connected to the Citadel.

The customizations offer patron profiles that include background and roleplaying suggestions along with optional modifications to the standard Dawn Incarnate subclass features. Much as with those presented in the first two volumes in this series, Bound to Avernus, and Bound to Dread, the customizations in Bound to Dawn are intended to modify or replace existing options so as to further distinguish your warlock character from others of the same subclass without changing the overall class mechanics and game balance.

Within you’ll find:

New warlock patron subclass: The Dawn Incarnate
2 new backgrounds
Complete warlock patron customization options, tables, and lore for 15 named Dawn Incarnates
55 new eldritch invocations tailored to specific patrons
1 new spell
Dozens of magical boons for when you please or disappoint your patron
Expanded familiar options, including new stat blocks
Binding marks and traits, options for warlock-patron interaction, and more!

Detailed profiles and roleplaying suggestions for each of these patrons (listed by Citadel Founding Civilization):

Akharin Sangar: Turquoise Lion
Atagua: Yellow Quartz Kapok Tree
Dayawlongon: Serpentine Banyan Tree
Djaynai: Water Opal Saltwater Salamander
Godsbreath: Jasper Pecan Tree
San Citlán: Fire Opal Xoloitzcuintle
Sensa: Amber Scorpion
Shankhabhumi: Moonstone Water Lily
Siabsungkoh: Ruby Pangolin
Tayyib: Sard Elephant
Tletepec: Obsidian Eagle
Umizu: Pearl Carp
Yeonido: Amethyst Tiger
Yongjing: White Jade Flowering Pear Tree
Zinda: Bastite Caiman

New Backgrounds:


New Spell:

Summon Plant

Plus stat blocks for 11 new monsters:

Carp (koi)
Crystal cat
Earth grue (chaggrin)
Giant carp (koi)
Giant pangolin
Giant salamander

To bind yourself to one of these unusual patrons, download the supplement today, and step into the Preserve of the Ancestors…  

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