Mythic Magazine Volume 15

Mythic Magazine Volume 15

Publisher: Word Mill

Mythic Magazine #15

Mythic Magazine is a monthly ezine with tips, rules, and more goodies for the Mythic Role-Playing System, Mythic Game Master Emulator, and Crafter Series from Word Mill Games.

This issue contains:

Randomized Worlds Generation: A new specialized random Region for Location Crafting, this one brings you Worlds – alternate dimensions, alien planets, and time-traveling eras. This system offers an easy way to generate an entire new world for your character to explore.

Virtual Tabletops In Solo Play: This article is an overview of popular virtual tabletops that are currently available and how you can make use of them in your solo role-playing.

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Those Wretched Kids! A Solo TTRPG

Those Wretched Kids! A Solo TTRPG

Publisher: Deeply Dapper Games

The plan was simple. Well… maybe it was a bit convoluted but the goal was simple:

Convince the rubes of the town that the carnival was haunted so that you could execute your brilliant schemes undisturbed.

It would have been perfect, despite a few minor setbacks and incompetent henchmen.

If it wasn’t for one thing…

That group of accursed teenagers!

Those Wretched Kids! is a solo journaling/roleplaying game played with a deck of cards, one D6, a tumbling block tower, and a journal or recording method. The game is based on Loot The Room’s excellent Wretched & Alone system.

In Those Wretched Kids! you play a brilliant if somewhat unsuccessful entrepreneur that has developed a vaguely nefarious plan centered around an old abandoned amusement park. In order to have your plans go off without a hitch, you have to balance the artificial legend you created to scare off interlopers, develop your main scheme, reflect on your career that keeps getting labeled as “villainous” for some reason and stop Those Wretched Kids! from interfering!

Those Wretched Kids! was inspired by the classic “Kid Sleuth” books and shows I loved as a kid – Scooby Doo, (and the dozen other Hanna-Barbera cartoons that used the same format) Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown, Lewis Barnavelt and the Three Investigators as well as more modern twists on the genre like Stranger Things. 

But I thought it would be fun to scurry around in that world from the point of view of the hapless villain. That one schemer with an overly elaborate plan to get rich, create a mighty weapon, uncover treasure or whatever other mad plot you devise, only to have it inevitably foiled 99.9% of the time by a group of snooping kids and novelty sidekick animal/robot.

And of course, what better place to set this adventure than a creepy abandoned amusement park?

As you play, you’ll attempt to thwart their investigations, perpetuate the legend, progress the plans and examine who you really are. Are you actually the villain after all? Record your thoughts in the Monologue stage, an essential in every evil genius’ toolkit.

Can you ever defeat Those Wretched Kids?

A game of Those Wretched Kids! can be played in a single sitting or as a creativity and journaling exercise over the course of days.

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An Artificer’s Tale

An Artificer’s Tale

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

An Artificer’s Tale

5e adventure by Elven Tower

In An Artificer’s Tale, We follow the story of Adrian Shradner. He is an artificer, a mage of the future. He has the mind of a genius and has accomplished marvelous things throughout the years. He lives in a manor by the city’s outskirts. He built a magical laboratory beneath his lavish home. He calls it The Shifting Laboratory. Helped by his bright assistant, Eila Spring, they have created a series of automatons in the shape of metallic, golden beetles!

However, Adrian’s ambition went too far with a specific ritual that would double the size of his dungeon. It all backfired and he lost control of his beetle automatons. He is now trapped in the deepest chamber of his dungeon. Eila just barely made it out alive.
She seeks the help of strong heroes to help her teacher. Adrian’s knowledge is too valuable to let it go to waste!

Explore fantasy worlds and immersive adventures!

Product Includes

Adventure PDF and EPUB

Printer-Friendly B/W PDF

Separate Hi-Res and Roll20 Maps

Here are some close shots of the adventure PDF spreads:

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Unique Items – Collection 02

Unique Items – Collection 02

Publisher: Dark Raptor Press

Whether found in a shop, as part of a treasure hoard in a dungeon, or simply in a ditch at the side of the road, feel free to add these unique items to your next gaming session.  Some are magical, most are mysterious, some are less-than-interesting.

This collection contains:

A backpack that holds a lot and feels nearly weightless
A skin that turns any liquid into pure, cool water
A compass that tells direction, and points to precious gems
A purse that pulls back all coins taken from it
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