Koa’s Poison Revamped

Koa’s Poison Revamped

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Flaws of Poison in D&D 5e

The unfortunate reality to many assassins in D&D is that the poison system in D&D 5e, although interesting, simply does not have enough depth to it. Given its rules are scattered throughout different books, its high costs, its chance to deal no damage, its inefficient action economy, the higher constitution of creatures, and the consistent poison resistance at higher levels simply makes investing in poison hardly worth it.

How this Product Fixes Them

This product seeks to change that, by completely revamping the poison system in D&D 5e! With clarified and specific rules for poison application, storage, what a poisoner’s kit does, extracting poisons, and crafting potions along with brand new additional traits for poisons and how to add traits to poison; this product solves the poison issue in D&D5e. No longer, will you have to search through four books to find all the small details about poisons!

32 Additional Poisons!

In addition to these rule clarifications, this guide also includes 32 brand new poisons, fully completed with ingredients in their descriptions (many of which are based on my own Horticulture Guide), as well as more balanced costs for pre-existing poisons in comparison to other consumable magical items!

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Shops & Shopkeepers [BUNDLE]

Shops & Shopkeepers [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

19 Shops & Shopkeepers
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Format: PDF
Get the most out of your cities!
This companion guide includes 19 creative shops & their shopkeepers for you to include in your cities and breathe more life into your world for your players!
Whether you want to make them the landmark destination of a small town, or one of many unique offerings in a metropolis they’re great additions for any settlement that will add:
Unique goods & services!
Individual shopkeeper NPCs for your players to roleplay with!
Potential plot hooks & new adventures!
Whether you love or hate “shopping episodes” there’s something useful here for everyone. This product does not include an actual list of the goods these shops provide, but is rather meant to deepen your world and lead to interesting roleplay opportunities and adventures.
Take a look at t…

19 Wandering Shops & Shopkeepers
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Format: PDF
19 Wandering Shops & Shopkeepers is an incredible collection 
of 19 all-original shops & shopkeepers
for your players to fall in love with!
Save 15% and get:
38 Shops & Shopkeepers for only $9.99!
Our motto is Low Prep, High Reward!
Drop these ready-made shops & shopkeepers into your game!
Let your players meet these *wandering* shopkeepers time after time, even if they never return to where they first met!
Each of entry engaging NPCs with details on:
Their Motivations, Flaws, and Secrets
Their Services & Wares
Their methods of transportation
The types of places they like to set up shops!
Their other companions
As well as a number of great adventure hooks!…

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Combat Tracker Sheets

Combat Tracker Sheets

Publisher: Halls of Stone

Easy One-Sheet Tracking of Combat Encounters

It’s time to roll initiative! Avoid shuffling through papers in your next combat encounter with this handy GM’s Combat Tracker. Keep track initiative order, enemy stats, and key aspects of your players stats with this simple printable page.

This pack includes:

• (1) 8.5×11 pdf file with a full-page combat tracker plus an additional page with spaces to track more foes.

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Dwory Końca Świata Rozpal swój Gniew 3 ed.

Dwory Końca Świata Rozpal swój Gniew 3 ed.

Publisher: Legacy of the Empire

Zasady, które opisaliśmy w podręczniku podstawowym przedstawiają taki Gniew, jaki potrafi przywołać wielu niewyszkolonych Umajarów. To przydatna zdolność, która może pomóc, a nawet uratować życie – ale daleko jej od prawdziwego niszczycielskiego Gniewu. Ten jest udziałem nielicznych.

W tym dodatku opisujemy więc Gniew w całej jego chwale. Wytłumaczymy, jak go rozpalić, w jaki sposób się go gasi i jakie są konsekwencje tego, że nie zawsze to się udaje. Opowiemy też trochę o Aspektach, ważnym elemencie elfiej wizji świata. Znajdują one odbicie w efektach ubocznych Gniewu. Po tej lekturze powinniście rozumieć lepiej, dlaczego Elfy są tak nieziemskimi istotami. Zobaczycie też, jak niebezpieczny jest Gniew – tak dla użytkownika, jak i jego wrogów.

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Rapture Rulebook

Rapture Rulebook

Publisher: Gravity Bay

The universe of Rapture offers a profund, intricate and coherent story, which is transmitted thorugh a skirmish tabletop game. The complexity of this universe allows a wide range in difference when it comes to the looks, gameplay and stories of the individual factions which clash against each another due to the most different backgrounds, motivations and origins.

The battles will be carried out by specialized characters of different kinds with various skills. The initiation into the game is very beginner friendly, and with more experience more strategic depth becomes available. The game has proven itself to be thrilling and consequential from the first round to the last. This is guaranteed by balanced factions and a wide range of possibilities when it comes to winning the game. Quick interactions between the players that occur in the own or the opponents turn, in form of flexible and influencable actions, result in a very dynamic game. The gameplay can be expanded and hightened with many optional rules and addons. The universe is in constant expansion and allows for new stories, protagonists and occurences to appear.

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