No Nut November: Squirrels of the Post-Apocalypse

No Nut November: Squirrels of the Post-Apocalypse

Publisher: Mitchell Daily Games

Squirrels of the Post-Apocalypse

It’s November, winter is coming, and you have no nuts!

In No Nut November you will play a mutated, super-powered squirrel in the post-apocalypse facing the dire reality of empty stores as winter approaches. You will have to brave the many dangers of the ruins, not the least of which is hunger itself, to try and secure some precious nuts before the end of November and the coming of the frost.

You will leverage mutations like heat-vision, color-changing fur, and clairvoyance to evade and confront raccoon crime bosses, coyotes, rat cults, unexploded boomshells, and more, every action costing you your strength and increasing your need for a nut.

No Nut November is a kick-ass game with a silly name. It is not a celebration or endorsement of any other use of the title phrase. It’s about post-apocalyptic squirrels.

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RANE IN BLOOD: Mothership Adventure & Antagonist Sourcebook

RANE IN BLOOD: Mothership Adventure & Antagonist Sourcebook

Publisher: Eric Alsandor | Spider00x


Rane in Blood is a labor of love, a kick to the teeth, an homage to my favorite genres – all mashed up into a ball and thrown in your face! I have a long, deep-rooted love for stories of religious horror, vampires, and merciless cutthroats …  and of course, the cold, oppressive nature of space-born horror.

Rane in Blood is designed to be a Swiss army knife: part antagonist source book, part adventure, part arms & equipment supplement, and part alternative skill tree resource – any or all of which can comfortably Tetris their way into your Mothership home game.

Rane in Blood is Passenger 57 meets Blade, meets Castlevania, meets Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula … in space … with a touch of homage to my favorite action hero of the 90s, Wesley Snipes!

I want to give Wardens and their players someone to hate and fear beyond human comprehension: beyond petty governments, beyond reason, beyond all rational understanding. You’re not just fighting a man, you’re fighting an idea and a cult born of one man’s hubris; a devious blend of cosmic Lovecraftian horror in the vein of the King in Yellow. I give you the titular Martyn Rane, a man whose insane ambition and ruthless nature has left untold thousands butchered, sleeping in the black arms of space. The legends of the man and his ruthless followers proceed him. You and the players choose how to deal with this growing threat on the fringes of space.


60+ Full color pages
Pro artist collaborations
Professionally voice acted monologues
New Weapons and Equipment
Brand New Mothership Skill tree including a variety of new skills!
New Bargain Basement D-Tier Lowlife Cyberware list
Three amazing maps to tease, taunt, and tantalize your players!
Two Adventures that can either be played together in sequence or broken apart. DEALERS CHOICE! 
Fully fleshed out Antagonists, history of the cult, key players and philosophy breakdown, lasting adventure hooks that will leaving you begging for more!
A great source of world building, easily inserted to give your Mothership Campaign lasting depth and real stakes! No great story is without its key villains!


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Only The Flower Knows Vol. 1 (Yaoi Manga)(2nd Edition)

Only The Flower Knows Vol. 1 (Yaoi Manga)(2nd Edition)

Publisher: Digital Manga

One sunny after-noon, on the campus of their university… 

And again, on a rainy evening, at the train station… 

Arikawa and Misaki’s paths crossed.

Neither knowing anything about the other person, not even their name… 

That was how it all began. 

But, little by little, they drew closer to one another, until…

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Wolf Tower

Wolf Tower

Publisher: FoxCraft

A modular 3d printable wolf themed tower. Scaled for 28/32mm.

Alternate view of the tower

Small tower

Printed and painted (werewolf for scale, not included).

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Save Vs. Cave: Verdigris Dungeon

Save Vs. Cave: Verdigris Dungeon

Publisher: Gabriel Pickard

7 Large and 8 Small Greening Modular Metal Maps

Sure they polished off their opponents, but do they have what it takes to polish the entire dungeon? Goes great with other Save Vs. Cave sets.  Intended for use with virtual table tops.

Download is a ZIP file containing images in a JPG for solid images or PNG format for those with clear or translucent backgrounds.

All artwork is for personal non commercial use only.  Resale in whole or part regardless of modification is forbidden.  Happy gaming!

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