Much Ink Has Been Spilled

Much Ink Has Been Spilled

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

In the far-flung islands of Hamato in the Forgotten Realms, a wizard has gone missing from his own home, and the Bureau of Arcana needs your help to locate him in this, the fifth adventure published in the Hamato Islands series.  Can you solve the mystery of his disappearance?

This module includes:

A 2-4 hour one-shot adventure, optimized for 3-7 party members at levels 1-4, with options to adjust difficulty based on APL and party size.
Monster stat blocks for each encounter, including a new ooze monsters: the Ink and Baby Ink.
Puzzle-based adventure features Chinese calligraphy, and includes an optional handwriting guide.
Features unique items native to the Hamato Islands such as the Compass of Wind and Water, and custom wizard spells such as Panic Room.
Includes brief DM guide to the Hamato Islands, lore, fauna and culture.

One wizard’s brilliant idea has unleashed a horror upon the capital.  Can you locate the wizard, slay the horror and maybe keep his house from burning?  (the latter is optional)

What Are The Hamato Islands?

The Hamato Islands are a reimagining of the old Forgotten Realms kingdoms of “Wa” and “Kozakura”, which resided on the fringes of the contient of Kara-Tur.  United under one Imperial banner now, peace and stability reign on the Islands, and travelers from the Sword Coast are just beginning to  trickle in.  This is a land not well understood by Faerunians, and provides many opportunities for adventure, but players can also play characters native to the Hamato Islands using the Traveler’s Guide for tips on character conversion and cultural tips to help flesh out character concepts.

The modules in this series are presented as à la carte, one-shot adventures in the same setting.  DMs are welcome to play as they wish, or use the Traveler’s Guide for ideas and inspiration of their own.

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Ancients Of Gaia – The Spear Of Pazuzu – Adventure Story

Ancients Of Gaia – The Spear Of Pazuzu – Adventure Story

Publisher: Frontier Gaming

An Expansion for Ancients Of Gaia. The Ancients Of Gaia Core Rulebook is required to play this Adventure, available here:

Ancients Of Gaia – Frontier Gaming |

Lycia, Anatolia. The matrilineal society known as the Amazons have attained sovereign status and their Queen, Azra, has launched many military campaigns throughout all of the Known World. The Amazons have seen much success and many minor Kingdoms offer tribute to keep raids at bay. Rumours of their way of life are spread by those who fear and mistrust them. Rumours of infant sons being murdered and disavowing any male influence within their society are rife. The truth however, is that the matrilineal nature of Amazonian society places the line of succession from mother to daughter. All other rumours seem to have been extrapolated from this fact. Queen Azra uses this reputation to her advantage, and often embellishes this when sharing stories with outsiders.


This Adventure Story provides a setting, starting location, a series of plot points, and rewards and lo designed for a Storyteller to run an Adventure. As with all FrontierGaming titles you are welcome to adapt any aspect of this Module to suit your purposes as the Storyteller.

The Ancients Of Gaia Core Rulebook (CRB) is required to play this Adventure. You may use any other Ancients Of Gaia resources at your disposal.

When generating NPCs for your adventure, to create balance simply take into account your Party’s current Skill Ratings and what you require the NPC’s primary function to be. NPC stat-lines are deliberately omitted for this purpose.

This Module essentially provides a beginning and a potential ending. What happens in between is down to the Storyteller and the Party.

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Super Kids – Cartas de Supervillanos, Secuaces y Esbirros [Español]

Super Kids – Cartas de Supervillanos, Secuaces y Esbirros [Español]

Publisher: Hero Forge Games

Supervillanos, esbirros y secuaces para Super Kids.

Prepárate para un montón de “¡Muhahahaha!”, una pizca de “¡Inclínate ante tu nuevo amo!” y una porción de “¡Toda tu base nos pertenece!”. Los supervillanos, con la ayuda de sus esbirros y secuaces, están listos para poner de rodillas a Ciudad Capital… o al menos convertirse en algo más que molestias menores.

Esta expansión Super Kids introduce los siguientes 10 nuevos supervillanos, esbirros y secuaces:

Necrolose. El nigromante, Necrolose (no confundir con el edulcorante para no muertos del mismo nombre), es capaz de zombificar a los noqueados para crear un ejército de esbirros.
Esclavo Zombi. En su mayoría son esbirros irreflexivos, los Esclavos Zombi se aferran a sus objetivos y lo harán para proteger a su Maaaestrooo.
Vudú. Donde la gente huya y los muñecos de vudú estén, al vil Vudú puedes esperar ver.
Muñecos de Vudú. Los muñecos animados de Vudú intentan “inmovilizar” a los adversarios y conceden una bendición final a su amo cuando lo dejan KO.
Mastodonte. Mastodonte, un Sasquatch sobredimensionado, es el más malo cuando las probabilidades están en su contra.
Gremlin. El compañero de Mastodonte, Gremlin, es rápido como un rayo, muy escurridizo y lleva una bolsa llena de trucos.
Retroman. Retroman -un supervillano del pasado- está empeñado en deteriorar toda Capital City, devolviéndola a su zona de confort: los años 80.
8-Bit 2D-Zero. El droide compañero de Retroman, 8-Bit 2D-Zero, utiliza su rayo tractor para acercarse a los objetivos y cortocircuitarlos.
Problema doble. Problema puede replicarse a sí mismo y hacer a Doble. ¿El resultado? Problema Doble.
Hallucia. Hallucia, la Señora de la Ilusión, crea clones ilusorios para luchar y confundir a sus enemigos.

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Fragment From A Holy Cross  – Custom Card

Fragment From A Holy Cross – Custom Card

Publisher: Black Chantry Productions
1 Stealth: Unique Melee Weapon.

When equipped by an Imbued or vampire
with True Faith:  This card costs -1 pool.

Strike: Strength+1 damage. If this strike
gains Fast Strike, the damage is aggravated.

If this minion is burned: Shuffle this card
into its owner’s library.
A community created card built with the DriveThruCards card creator. $0.50